Privacy Policy

What data is collected?

When you visit any website, your IP address is stored in a log file. The same can be said for this website. Your browser also sends information to the server. This includes:

How is it collected?

Through your browser, when it sends an HTTP request

Why I am collecting this data?

Analytics, and I don't really have a choice because your browser sends the data anyway.

Who is the info shared with?

Just myself, who looks at it once in a while to see if anybody is visiting this website. 

What legal basis do I have?

Whoever invented HTTP and browser headers surely guarantees legally basis for websites seeing said data

Rights YOU have:

Please just read this or whatever your local equivilant

Request your data (in compliance with some California thing):

Send me an email to and I will get you a copy of your data that I can find on the server.