Our Software

This is the big list of all of our software. As more products are added, this list will be updated. By All our Software, I mean all of our good software that people may actually want to download.

How to Use

Each link here will take you to a GitHub page. There will be a list of files. Choose the file from the list that best suits your needs. It will be downloaded to your computer. Run that file to either install or start the application. Most of our apps can also be run on Linux.


CraftServerSetup is software for making Minecraft servers on your computer. It creates servers in a streamlined and quick manner and is easy to use.

Download CraftServerSetup (All OSes)


A Desktop-based Youtube Downloader that can download video and audio for channels, playlists, and videos

Download YetAnotherYoutubeDownloader (Windows)


A minimalistic Text to speech client for Windows

Download EasyTTS


Calculate and compare MD5 sums of files and text

Download MD5MGR